Delhi man turns his EcoSport into an emergency vehicle to help Covid-19 patients

Delhi man turns his EcoSport into an emergency vehicle to help Covid-19 patients

Need is the mother of all inventions and where there is a will, there is a way. These could have been a man in Delhi who pushed his compact Ford EcoSport sub-compact SUV into an emergency medical vehicle, including oxygen cylinders, medicines, an oximeter, food, water and oxygen cans.

The ANI news agency reported that Nagian, an employee of a computer company based in Noida, began helping Covid-19 patients on a monthly basis. “It started in April. I was helping a neighbor because they needed oxygen. At that time there were no oxygen cylinders available in the market. In a way, we arranged an oxygen cylinder from Gurudwara in Rajouri Garden,” they said.

Since then, Nagia has managed to get help from many other friends. “I’m trying to provide help and assistance to people in need. I’ve turned my car into an ambulance,” he says, adding that his car has so far transported 23 patients to Covid-19.

The whole idea of ​​supplying his vehicle with this medical equipment arose as a result of a huge shortage of oxygen cylinders in Delhi and other parts of the country as the second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic continued to peak in late March and April. The health infrastructure has been under tremendous strain and receiving an ambulance has not been a guarantee.

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Nagia says he decided to use the car and the expenses for that are due to his income. “I’ve spent almost a month mostly in my car, away from family and children, providing service to people who are facing problems,” he said.

With positive cases coming to Delhi, and when the city reported fewer than 1,000 new cases on Sunday, Nagia says it is supplying drinking water and food to those who may need them.


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