Delhi rain causes traffic Nightmare, the car goes to road caves

Delhi rain causes traffic Nightmare, the car goes to road caves

Delhi woke up early on Monday morning in the region of the national capital as heavy and persistent rains could lower the temperature but it also created Absolute Chaos in several places. While traffic rumors were reported from various joints, a car from Sector 18 in Dwarka crashed into a crater created after a road exploded.

The Department of Meteorology has already issued an Orange Alert and forecast large or very heavy showers in Delhi and adjacent areas. Rainfall from Sunday night continued through Monday, and many of the keys flooded the roads. The traffic, of course, came by drag. There was a slow movement of traffic in areas like Tikri Road, passing over Narela-Bawana, Dhaula Kuan, Chattarpur, RK Puram, among others.

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Although water logging was a serious problem, tree falls were reported on the main roads, which caused more problems for drivers. The vehicles could malfunction and be parked on the side, which resulted in bottlenecks.

Tuesday’s downpour has once again knocked out Delhi traffic
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In a tragic incident, the car crashed into a crater when it entered a section of the 18th sector road in Dwarka. The ANI news agency reported that the vehicle was eventually rescued with the help of a crane and that no injuries were reported.

It was a field for the staff of the Delhi Traffic Police as workers were deployed in important areas to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. But with more rain expected until Tuesday, it is likely that the problems of motorcyclists in the country’s capital will continue.


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