Delhi rapper Aditya Tiwari asks MC Kode’s mother to return home to “missing” son

Delhi rapper Aditya Tiwari asks MC Kode’s mother to return home to “missing” son

Delhi rapper Aditya Tiwari asks mother with nickname MC Code to return home to “missing” son

Aditya Tiwari aka MC Code Delhi hip-hop rapper has been missing since June 1 after being violently trolled on social media and calling for a video showing her doing dirty abuse and enjoying Hinduphobia markedly. In the 2016 video they were seen making controversial remarks about the Mahabharata. On Sunday the mother asked her son to return home. “Your mother Aditya will also die with you, please come back, they are all with you and we will solve all the problems. Every day is a new day, please come back we are waiting for you,” Deepa Tiwarik told ANI.

The mother of a 22-year-old with the MC Kode stage name on the city’s hip-hop music circuit said she finally posted it on her Instagram handle, writing in a note that she was on a bridge over it. Yamuna and that he could not bear the sufferings any more.

MC Kode’s message read: “Standing on an isolated bridge overlooking the Yamuna River at this time, I could see the waves answering my emergency call, while giving me the vision I needed. I don’t blame anyone for anything other than myself. My existence It will serve as a punishment for the whole country. “

“We’ve been worried since that moment and we’re looking for him,” Deepa said. The rapper’s mother said six years ago that Aditya said things that hurt some people in a rap fight. “After six years on social media … he apologized for that, but he started trolling and even received death threats, he was completely broken and he doesn’t know where he has gone now,” he said.

The Delhi Rapper MC Code co-author disappeared after the Cryptic Insta publication found in MP
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Deepa said he had lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police, but that he was on a regular continent. Aditiya said he was a self-made person, running his own company and organizing rap music for the Battles. After being trolled on social media, the rapper lost company endorsements and began receiving death threats.

“One person announced a prize of 50,000 euros to slap 20 times and record it for anyone,” Deepa said. Blaming social media for the agony of Adity, he said: “The creation of social media is overwhelming! It’s an episode created by social media. If 6 years after this issue didn’t drag on, then we would be with Adity … whether or not they would come, then it would have to be followed up. Social media is responsible for my son’s agony. ”

“He’s a very sensitive guy, even after apologizing for several trolling episodes when he wasn’t in the dark. He stopped working and ended his career completely,” Deepa said. The missing complaint has been filed by Delhi Police and an investigation is underway, according to reports.

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