Demand for pre-owned Tesla vehicles in the US is on the rise: the report

Demand for pre-owned Tesla vehicles in the US is on the rise: the report

Despite the recent controversy, the demand for Tesla vehicles has not been a problem and in the US, previously installed Tesla vehicles may ride stronger than ever. A report in the country revealed that Tesla is currently the brand of choice for pre-owned battery-powered vehicles.

According to a report by data company Recurrent, which tracks sales of used electric cars in the U.S., Tesla cars are dominating the used car market. The company has analyzed the number of sales of vehicles that have reported different electric vehicles in the last 90 days compared to the number in the Inventory.

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It has been reported that the Tesla 4.5 EV is spinning for each car listed. This gives an idea of ​​the demand for premium electric cars in the used car segment. As the prices of electric vehicles remain relatively high, many buyers are taking an interest in the second hand car market to get an EV that fits their budget. And here, Tesla seems to be at the top.

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Of all the Tesla vehicles, the 3rd model is the best. “The current 5.5X inventory of a used Tesla is 90 times the rate used actually increases by the Model 3. The 3 used models sell even faster: 6.6X sales per vehicle inventory. For all used Teslas, it’s 4X, and not so much the back Chevy and Compared to other well-known BMW models, ”said Scott Case CEO.

A previous report from the company suggested that Tesla car revenue could eventually account for 40-50% of the country’s second-hand electric vehicle segment in the coming years.



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