Did the KRK waste the discussion using the name of Arjun Kapoor?

Did the KRK waste the discussion using the name of Arjun Kapoor?

Arjun Kapoor, KRK

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK actor became a film critic on Twitter, thanking another Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor for calling him his “true Bollywood friend”. The KRK said it had a long discussion with the actor, adding that Arjun “is not afraid of anyone”. Incidentally, KRK’s tweet came at a time when they were involved in a legal battle with Bollywood star Salman Khan. Lately, KRK has been under the scanner for repeatedly staring at the Bollywood stars and now has lawsuits against him. Due to the unstable situation, it seems that the name has gone down and that Arjun Kapoor has called him to write on his social networks.

“The KRK should show proof that Arjun Kapoor was called because we all know he didn’t. He only takes Arjun’s name because he is facing a case of Salman Khan. He wants to spark unnecessary controversy and has bad taste, ”a trade source said.

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Speaking about Arjun Kapoor, KRK tweeted: “Thank you @ arjunk26 Bhai for your call and long discussion. Now I understood that you are only my real friend in Bollywood. And you are the only real MARD who is not afraid of anyone. Now no I will never criticize your film ”.

Earlier, in a similar case, KRK thanked ‘Govinda Bhai’ in one of its tweets that sparked a storm on the Internet. While it was believed that Govinda was talking about an actor who shared screen space with Salman Khan several times, KRK later clarified that he was talking about a friend and not the aforementioned actor.

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He tweeted, “Please note Mr. Govind Arun Ahuja @ govindaahuja21, I didn’t tag you because I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about my friend, whose real name is Govinda. So I can’t help the media make news about you.”

For starters, Salman filed a Defamation Case against KRK after the release of his new film “Radhe”. Although the KRK claimed that the lawsuit was the result of a review of the film, Salman’s legal team has stated that the Defamation case is in the case of personal assaults, particularly about the KRK star Human NGO, for being Human.

According to Salman’s legal team, the lawsuit against KRK was filed because the latter “publishes and accepts harmful allegations, including that Mr. Salman Khan is corrupt because he and his” Being a Man “brand are involved in fraud, manipulation and money. He and Salman Whitewashing fraudulent transactions by Khan Films “.


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