Dilip Kumar Health Update Actor stable says Saira Banu has a discharge decision to make after the reports

Dilip Kumar Health Update Actor stable says Saira Banu has a discharge decision to make after the reports

Dilip Kumar Health Update: Saira Banu says stable actor, discharge decision to be taken after reports

Veteran Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to hospital on Sunday after a few episodes of shortness of breath, is stable and has undergone a couple of tests. The 98-year-old star was taken to a Hindu-based hospital in Suburban Khar for a non-COVID-19 facility around 8:30 p.m. Saira Banu’s wife and actress told IndiaTV while she was being given oxygen, but her health is fine. He also revealed that the decision to leave the hospital will be made after the doctors have seen the examination reports.

There were many rumors related to his death that he was making rounds on social media. He threw the same thing through a Twitter message on Banu’s official handle on Dilip Kumar. “Saab is stable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Duas and prayers. Doctors say they should be home in 2-3 days. Insh’Allah,” read the latest update on Kumar’s official Twitter handle. The message also called on fans and followers to stay away from speculation. “Don’t sign WhatsApp forward,” he noted.

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Dr. Jalil Parkar, who is monitoring the actor’s condition, said Kumari has been diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion and is on oxygen support. “He felt short of breath, he was depleting his oxygen, so he is protecting his oxygen. He has a bilateral pleural discharge, which we are closely monitoring,” he told PTI. According to Parkar, the bilateral pleural effusion refers to the collection of fluid from the thin cavity, which acts as a buffer between the lung and the inner chest wall.

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As soon as the news of his hospitalization arrived, many fans and celebrities went on social media and prayed for his well-being. One of them was also veteran star Dharmendra Deol who asked the fans to pray for her health. Taking the handle on Twitter, the 85-year-old star shared a flat retrospective photo of him sitting with Dilip and his wife Saira Banu.

Along with the priceless photo, he wrote, “Dosto, Dalip Sahab ek nek rooh isian … ek Azeem fankaar ke Liye aap ki rooh se uthi duaen zaroor bar aayengi, ji jaan se Shukriya Aap sab ka”, using the face of folded hands. .

On Sunday, the actor ‘Apne’ posted a rare monochrome photo from his youth. In the retrospective photo they saw Dharmendra embracing Dilip as they both posed for the camera. “Painting Dua keejiye sea pyaare bhai … ten Yusuf Sahib jald sehat yaab ho jaayen” they wrote next to the photo.

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