Disha Patani is the hottest queen of Bikini and Monokini; These 10 sensual photos are proof!

Floral, printed or solid, Disha Patani is like a great bikini (photo: Instagram)

Disha Patani is one of the most active actors in Hollywood today. The 29-year-old actor – a fitness freak – knows how to show that body that provides quality time. From the look of desi to the dresses and gowns, Disha can shake it all up, but the warmest she looks at when she takes off her gorgeous swimsuits.

Disha can be named a water baby, and we’re not complaining. From giving us fashion and fitness goals to showing off the best bikinis and monokinis we should add to our collection – she checks the right pictures as the temperature rises.

So now that we are enjoying the freshness of the Monsoon in Mumbai, we will surely bring you Disha Patani bikini and monokini looks that will make the room warmer. Before scrolling down, you may want to have a lower AC temperature.

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