Does the main twist ruin the party while Gary Lu and Avantika Sharma are involved?

Does the main twist ruin the party while Gary Lu and Avantika Sharma are involved?

Splitvilla X3 to say goodbye to Avantika Sharma and Gary Lu? (Photo Credit – Instagram; Facebook)

This season of Splitsvilla -X3 MTV is just like any other. It’s the first time on screen that we associate real couples with other partners in real life. Even before the show ended, Kat Kristan and Kevin Almasifar separated. Samarthya Gupta, on the other hand, is getting along better with Aarushi Chib. Will the next episodes of Gary Lu and Avantika Sharma’s friendship be revealed? Read on for more details.

As you now know, Avantika has been really lovable with Gary. The male competitor, however, tried as hard as he could to stay away, but in the final episode he saw himself making an effort as he had no other ties. They were given a quality time at the last appointment, but it looks like it was also the last of the show!

The final episode of Splitsvilla X3 was won by Kevin Almasifar and the Gang against Nikhil Malik and his Squad. Eventually, Nikita Bhamidipati and Samarthya Gupta will finally have a chance to go in front of Oracle. Despite everything being a favorite, teammates Gary Lu and Avantika Sharma will be the ones to say goodbye this time.

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But the better surprise is on your own. According to other reports, Gary Lu and Avantika Sharma will not be going home. The authors will send them to the Wild Villa. Earlier, Gary’s old connection was sent to Janvi Sikaria for another show. Now, the competitor will stay there with his old and new connection. Who will choose? Only time will tell.

Speculation that the perfect match between Splitsvilla X3 Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput will win the Ultimate title. If that comes true, many #KatVin ​​(Kat, Kavin) fans will be heartbroken!

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