England vs India: A team of Indian staff are positive tests for COVID-19, three assistant coaches are isolated, say sources | Cricket News

Numerous cases of COVID-19 have been caught by the India team ahead of tests in England.© AFP

The staff of the Indian Test team, who are currently in the UK for a five-match Test series, tested positive for COVID-19, as sources in the Indian basketball and bat Rishabh Pant also reported to NDTV. In addition, three assistant coaches have been isolated from the team and none of the aforementioned staff will travel to Durham for a training match with the team. The plethora of COVID-19 cases in the group is just over fifteen days away from the first test to be held on the Trent Bridge, which begins on August 4th.

The Indian Test team has been in England for more than a month since arriving there before the final of the June World Test Championships.

After the final, the teammates were dispersed for the break and were expected to meet before the Durham training match.

Pant took the COVID test eight days ago, sources said, and is currently asymptomatic. They were recently seen at Wembley Stadium in London watching a 2020 Euro Cup football match.

Pant took the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on May 13, before the team went to England.

Meanwhile, BCCI Vice President Rajiv Shukla said the virus has not affected any other players. “Yes, one player has tested positive but has been isolated for the past eight days. He was not in any hotels with the team, so no other players were affected,” Shukla told PTI news agency.


The training match in Durham will start on July 20 and the next Test series will kick off the second round of the World Test Championship.

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