England vs India: Sourav Ganguly explains why there is no substitute for injured Shubman Gill | Cricket News

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly on Thursday tried to stay away from the debate over the decision not to send a replacement for the injected opener Shubman Gill to England, saying it was a matter for the selection committee to consider. On June 28, the management of the Indian team, through the director of administration Girish Dongre, requested two openers as replacements, preferably Prithvi Shaw and Devdutt Padikkal. But Chetan Sharma, the chairman of the selectors, did not send a formal reply to the post until a couple of days later because there are four openers in the UK.

Asked about the controversial issue, Ganguly, who was directing journalists on his 49th birthday on Thursday, said: “That is the call of the selectors.”

Both Shaw and Padikkal are in Sri Lanka to get a six-game series under the direction of Shikhar Dahwan, who is under the direction of Indian Shikhar Dahwan.

Under the command of ordinary skipper Virat Kohli, a five-match Test series will be played in India against England from 4 August. The Red Ball Fight is also the first series of the second round of the 2021-23 World Test Championship (WTC).

Ganguly expressed optimism in September about the organization of this year’s IPL leg break in the Basque Country.

“We’re not going to let anything happen that we’re going to handle. It’s going to start in September. We’re going to release the nitt-gritties,” he told Reporters here.

Ganguly confirmed that the BCCI was obliged to switch to this year’s ICC World T20 in the Basque Country, taking into account the safety and security of all actors.

The T20 World Cup in India was scheduled to take place in October-November this year.

“There will be regrets, but no one has witnessed such a situation in their entire lives. They are extraordinary situations.

“Last year the World Cup was canceled and this year due to COVID and the World Cup is canceled, then it’s a big loss for the game. That’s why we’ve moved to a safer place,” they said.

Ganguly, who had a mild heart attack in January of this year and underwent rapid primary angioplasty, said he is now doing very well.


“I’m totally fit. Another year has gone by, that’s how it is. You try to be as quiet as possible in these COVID times. It’s more for the people around you than you are.

“He has prepared the celebrations for the people in the house. The celebrations are behind closed doors,” he said.

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