Euro 2020: Denmark Raises Mask Rule, Increases Match Crowds Football News

Euro 2020: Denmark Raises Mask Rule, Increases Match Crowds Football News

Denmark announced on Thursday that it would ease some measures on Covid, as it is ready to remove all restrictions on October 1 at Euro matches over face masks, bar and restaurant opening hours and crowd size. The Scandinavian country also required its “corona pass” for some activities on the same date. Masks will not be required from June 14, except for public transport and standing during peak hours. This condition will be removed after September 1st.

“We can do everything we lost because we are in control of the epidemic,” Health Minister Magnus Heunicke told Reporters.

The bars and restaurants will be open from June 11 until midnight, starting at 11pm tonight. From July 15, they will be open until 2:00 p.m.

The nightclubs will be allowed to reopen on Sept. 1, but visitors will be required to show a “crown password” to enter by Oct. 1. The document, which certifies that the carrier has an anti-virus or immunity, will disappear. completely by October 1st.

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Museums, cinemas and theaters will no longer be required from 1 August, and bars and restaurants from 1 September. Up to 10,000 people will be admitted to public events on June 14th.

As an exception, the four matches of the 2020 Euro Cup, which will be played in Copenhagen, can hold 25,000 spectators, more than the 16,000 previously planned.


However, in the short term, the Danish football association has said that the increase will not apply to the first match Denmark will face Finland on Saturday.

Fairly saved from the pandemic, Denmark has only 122 Covid patients in hospital, at least since October. Of the country’s 5.8 million people, 24.2 percent are fully vaccinated and 42.7 have received the first dose.

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