Even after the KRK refused to lose to Salman Khan, “I will review it again, I will release Karke Dekh Le Gunde Bhai”.

Even after the KRK refused to lose to Salman Khan, “I will review it again, I will release Karke Dekh Le Gunde Bhai”.

Mumbai Court issues provisional order against KRK for tweeting about Salman Khan (Photo Credit – Facebook / Twitter)

Last month Salman Khan filed a Defamation lawsuit against his own film critic Kamaal R Khan. The KRK itself took to Twitter and revealed its opposition to the release after reviewing the film Radhe: Bhai you want the most. Now the civil court has issued a provisional order in the case against Slander filed by Salman.

The KRK continued to tweet against Salman and was at war with Bollywood singer Mika Singh. The latter also released a song against the actor Deshdrohi called #KRKKutta. Kamaal Khan also posted a reprisal album on Youtube, which was later thrown out by the platform for violating “harassment and harassment” policies.

In the midst of the Twitter war, the civil court in the city of Mumbai has ordered actor Deshdrohi to stay away from Salman Khan or to publish or publish any harmful content about his business project and his Films. The judge issued the interim order after hearing the civil lawsuit filed by Salman. The hearing will continue until the court gives its final verdict on the case.

India Today reported that the judge of the additional CV Marathe session issued a provisional order in a libel lawsuit filed by Salman. The judge of the sessions saw Fame as “not only the salt of life but the purest treasure and the most precious perfume of life.” The judge observed: “A good name is better than wealth. Reputation is a kind of right to enjoy the good opinion of others and it is a personal right and a reputation injury is a personal injury. A good reputation is an element of personal security and the Constitution protects the right to enjoy life.”

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As Justice Marathe on KRK vs. Salman Khan added, “Fame and honor are not so precious to good men as body security and freedom. In some cases, they can be loved more than life itself.”

However, that hasn’t stopped the KRK from tweeting against actor Dabangg. Without taking a name, KRK has no interest in taking the name “Gunda” in Bollywood. He wrote: “Why should I take the name of a criminal? But I’ll review the movies anyway. Release one if you have a Guts Gunde. “Check out the tweet below:

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