Facebook Messenger finally gets an automatic dark mode on Android, a year after iOS

Facebook Messenger finally gets an automatic dark mode on Android, a year after iOS

He has seen the use of smartphones a tremendous rise, coronavirus with research showing that users increasingly rely on mobile devices during the pandemic. Developers of popular apps are working to add useful features to make users more responsible – others have added small but important improvements. Facebook Messenger for Android is set to get a feature like this on iPhones since last year – the ability to switch automatically between light and dark subjects.

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Application developers are increasingly adding dark themes in recent years, as it is easier to offer a dark version of the interface at night for users. It is much easier to see dark text in the light in the background when there is a bright atmosphere during the day, seeing a bright screen at night can cause eye strain. There you can use the dark mode.

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Unlike his well-known brother WhatsApp, Facebook’s Messenger app didn’t support an automatic themed mode to switch between dark and light Android themes. This means that activating the dark theme (or dark mode) of the phone unlike WhatsApp will not change the theme of Messenger. Users need to visit the Facebook Messenger settings section and change a switch manually each time they want to change the theme.

Here is the new “System” setting. (r / VincentJoshuaET)

By Reddit user Vincent JoshuaAs Facebook saw the new setting for the Android Messenger app, users will soon be able to choose the new “System” setting along with the default on and off switches. Enabling this feature will allow Facebook Messenger to follow the theme of the system and change it lightly and darkly.

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The new theme setting for Facebook Messenger seems to be enabled for Android version 314., but we were unable to find the setting on our Android 11 devices. It seems that the Facebook feature is slowly expanding. users can therefore spend some time until the feature is enabled on your device, even after updating to the latest version.

We recently reported that Facebook Messenger has become one of the latest apps to surpass the 5 billion download mark in the Google Play Store, along with the main Facebook app and WhatsApp, surpassing the 5 billion installation mark in 2019 and 2020 respectively. So far, only Google and Facebook apps have been included in the exclusive list of apps that have counted more than 5,000 billion installations on Android devices via the Google Play Store.


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