Facebook scrambles to take down profile frames with anti-vaccine claims

Facebook scrambles to take down profile frames with anti-vaccine claims

Facebook has taken several steps to curb misinformation about Covid-19 and vaccinations. However, some users have invented workarounds to bypass these steps. Interestingly, these people used Facebook’s own features to spread false information about Covid.

According to a CNBC report, some Facebook people used custom edges in their profile photos to make anti-vaccine claims. If you didn’t know, Facebook allows users to edit profile frames. People usually use it to support for some reason.

The report found that some Facebook profile frames contained messages that are banned on the social networking platform. “I trust my immune system, not shots,” read one of the boundaries. Similar misinformation, including the 5G distribution of Covid-19, was found in several other Facebook profile frames.

A Facebook spokesman said such profile frameworks were against company policy and worked to remove them.

“We are actively promoting profile frameworks that encourage people to share their support for COVID-19 vaccines and remove any rules that break,” the spokesman told Engadget.

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The spokesman also said that the number of users with profile frames supporting vaccination has increased on the platform. “More than five million people worldwide have used one of these profile frameworks to support vaccines, and more than half of people in the U.S. on Facebook have already seen someone use one of our profile frameworks to encourage support for vaccines,” the spokesman added.

Earlier this week, Facebook had said it removed 12 million misinformations about the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide from its app family, including Facebook and Instagram. The company also announced plans to launch a new campaign in India to educate and inform its Indian users to obtain false information about the pandemic.


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