FASTag to supply contactless fuel to non-contact gas pumps

FASTag to supply contactless fuel to non-contact gas pumps

FASTag promises to be the fastest way to get fuel at an Indian gas station as it ties in with Indian Oil Corporation to supply it without any accounting charges. FASTag users associated with ICICI accounts will benefit from Indian Oil outlets across the country.

A statement released on Sunday said: “ICICI Bank FASTag users can now enjoy a fully digitized experience at IndianOil petrol stations, which will reduce the waiting time for customers.”

According to the statement, about 3,000 oil outlets in India will be covered across India in the first phase of this initiative. The system is integrated with Indian Oil’s Automation system, which eliminates manual intervention during the fuel process. This integration allows gasoline, diesel and lubricants to be paid for through ICICI Bank FASTag.

“To take advantage of this facility, customers must notify the assistant while refueling, and then scan the vehicle’s FASTag / car license plate. The customer will then receive an OTP to validate the transaction. The transaction will end when the OTP is entered.. POS machine,” the statement said.

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FASTag is currently used to charge digital tolls on the country’s national highways. The goal of the digital payment process was to consolidate and smooth the toll collection process and reduce the waiting time or long queues in toll plazas. FASTag currently has almost 35 million users across India with around 96% revenue.

FASTags can be purchased at any pen booth in the country. You can also buy FASTags through our website by clicking here. To purchase FASTag you need an ID along with your vehicle registration documents. In addition to toll plazas, FASTags can be purchased through 22 banks including State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank and Paytm Payments Bank. Some e-commerce platforms like Paytm, Amazon and Flipcard also offer FASTags through their apps.


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