FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: India Gears Up Bangladesh After Losing Qatar Football News

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: India Gears Up Bangladesh After Losing Qatar Football News

The focus of Indian football players has changed, no more about the fight against Qatar. That is the past. Rather, it is about the upcoming match against Bangladesh in the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup and the AFC Asian Cup China in the first round of 2023. India and Bangladesh had mixed results. While Bangladesh held Afghanistan 1-1 and won by one point, India, despite fighting with 10 men against the Asian champions Qatar, managed to win hearts but returned empty-handed.

As Brandon Fernandes noted, “We’re moving in the team and we need to get back together. We’re aware that we have specific roles in the team.”

“The next game is very crucial because we have to keep up the momentum we took in the first game. The first game is history,” Fernandes said.

“I am very happy with what they have done against Afghanistan. The players played very well on the pitch and worked very hard. It reflects the attitude of this team to come back and get into the game,” said Bangladeshi coach Jamie. The day mentioned.

Captain Jamal Bhuyan, the Bangladesh football poster boy who played in Mohammedan Sporting’s I-League, believes it will be a “lively match” on June 7 when both teams take to the field.

“It’s going to be intense with a lot of fighting. It’s a beautiful game. The last time we were disappointed in Kolkata we didn’t get 3 points because India got very late in the game. We have that hunger in us and we know we can do some damage,” Avers said.

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“It’s a good confidence in our team at the moment. We had a chance to win against Afghanistan. We take that confidence in the Indian game,” Jamal added.

The day, however, mentions the difference in the standings between the two teams.

“India is a very good team. It is a much higher level team than us, it should be beaten by people like Bangladesh. The difference in rankings and quality is huge. We played very well in Kolkata. I look back and feel that India had that day Majestic YBK -n, ”he noted.

“You look at the last game against Qatar in India, 10 men fought like the Warriors and lost 0-1. It just represents the quality on their side. We are waiting for the game. We are aware that we have to play. Our maximum, and we hope India another day. having one, ”he added.


Defender Subhashish Bose, however, quickly realizes that the rankings don’t matter after entering the field.

“We know the quality of the Bangladesh team. It’s a difference that plays a lot of football counter-attacks, and that’s very dangerous. India and Bangladesh have always been exciting and close matches. We have a lot of respect for Bangladesh,” Bose maintained.

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