Ford, an Oreo partner in the Maverick truck to create a package similar to the owner’s manual

Ford and Oreo have teamed up to create a package for Oreo Thins biscuits with the automaker’s Maverick pickup truck. The idea is to appear as an owner’s manual included in the collection, so that when it is hidden in the glove box, it will be difficult to spot the difference. This can be great news for those who love their snacks and want to hide from friends and family on the album.

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1496 cc | Gasolina | Manual

Ex-showroom price

11.57.771 ₹*From now on

Ford Endeavor (HT Auto Photo)


1996 cc | Diesel | Automatic

Ex-showroom price

35.68.953*From now on

Ford Figo (HT Auto Photo)


1194 cc | Gasolina | Manual

Ex-showroom price

8.25.252 ₹*From now on

Both companies call this scheme the “Oreo Thins Protection Program”. One will find the owner’s manual of the Ford 2022 Maverick next to the package, which gives the biscuit package the front of a manual. This Unusual Collaboration has an interesting story behind it.

While Ford Maverick was developing the pickup truck, the team spent a lot of time in the Cooperation Room where the pantry was packed with Oreos packages. Ford said the team has been living off Oreos for weeks. Each time they finished an Oreo package, they showed the sticker on the wall, Motor1 reported. The group has more than 100 oreo packages in total.

Interested parties will be able to purchase this limited edition Oreo Thins package from their first-come, first-served service in the U.S. while supplies run out.

The Ford Maverick compact truck will come with a hybrid gasoline-electric hybrid and will cost approximately $ 19,995 14 laku. The four-door Maverick Ford will be built at its plant in Hermosillon, Mexico. Ford expects the 2022 Maverick hybrid version to account for about 40% of demand when it goes on sale this year.


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