Former Nissan leader Carlos Ghosn sentenced to life in prison for helping escape

Former Nissan leader Carlos Ghosn sentenced to life in prison for helping escape

Carlos Ghosn, a father-son group who was deported from Japan, was sentenced to life in prison for a major case of musical equipment in prison for helping former Nissan Motor Co president escape the trial in 2019.

Michael Taylor, a 60-year-old father and former U.S. Bereta, was sentenced to two years in a three-minute panel hearing on Monday in a hearing that lasted about 20 minutes. His 28-year-old son Peter Taylor was sentenced to 20 months in prison.


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Either or both were found guilty of aiding and abetting Ghosn’s escape from Beirut last month, a development that was as startling as the car executive’s arrest in November 2018 for alleged financial crimes. With Ghosn unavailable – Lebanon does not extradite citizens – the couple has become a representative of Ghosn and his case. So has former Nissan director Greg Kelly, who was arrested the same day his boss was arrested and is on trial in Japan. Ghosn and Kelly have complained that the compensation for the executive car has been underestimated.

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The fall of Carlos Ghosn in Nissan and its consequences: QuickTake

After spending more than a year in Japan and being released on bail, Ghosne made his way to Osaka airport in December. On the 29th of 2019, bullet train. From there he was taken to a private plane that flew to Istanbul, changed planes and took the road to Beirut.

“This case allowed Ghosne, the accused of a serious crime, to flee abroad,” Chief Justice Hideo Nirei said. Ghosn warns that he has no plans to return to Japan: “It’s been a year and a half, but there will be no trial.” The $ 860,000 payments Taylor received from Ghosn, part of which was used to fund the former executive’s trip, showed Mia that “the main motive was compensation.”

Prosecutors recommended a sentence of more than two years for each, while Taylor’s defense attorneys sought a provisional sentence.

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The couple was detained for about 10 months before being extradited to the United States. The chief judge of mine told me on Monday that the time spent in the US was not related to the crime itself and therefore should not be taken into account. They said he was considered for arrest before being convicted in Japan.

The two Taylor men, dressed in dark, slightly wrinkled suits and surrounded by guards, appeared in court statements without showing much statement. The couple may file a lawsuit within the next 14 days, Mia said.

Trains, Planes and Audacity: Ghosn Escapes 5,400 Mile to Beirut

They have been embroiled in legal battles since Taylor helped Ghosn Escape. After fighting extradition allegations, the couple was brought to Japan in March and placed in solitary confinement at the Tokyo District Court trial.

The couple apologized to prosecutors and the Japanese justice system at a hearing in late June. They both said it was a mistake to help Ghosn escape. Michael Taylor has never denied being involved in Ghosn’s escape, how he organized a speech in court and how he carried out the bronze operation. Peter’s role is less clear.

The money used to pay for Ghosn’s Escape was transferred through Peter’s company and he met with the former car executive several times in the months and days before the Escape, according to prosecutors. But Peter proved in court last month that he did not know when or how Ghosn intended to flee, and he learned of the former president’s flight through reports.

The chief judge told me on Monday that while Michael played a “leading role” in Escape, Peter’s role was also “mandatory and important”.

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