Forms Chavan urges BCCI to issue a letter revoking the ban via the Kilker News

Forms Chavan urges BCCI to issue a letter revoking the ban via the Kilker News

Chavan represented the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.© AFP

Mumbai left-right spinner questionnaire Chavan, who was suspended by the BCCI for life in 2013 along with SL Sreesanth for his involvement in the IPL spot repair scandal, has asked the BCCI to issue a letter to lift his ban. back to competitive cricket. Last year, BCCI Ombudsman Justice (Retd) DK Jain reduced the amount of the sentence for Sreesanth and Chavan to seven years from the life ban imposed by the BCCI. While a copy of the order on Sreesanth also arrived before the ban ended in September 2020, Chavan had to wait until May 3 to receive his order.

However, to return to action, he needs a letter of confirmation from the BCCI that he has not yet received.

“The ombudsman reduced the ban last year and the amount of the sentence was seven years, which ended in September 2020,” Chavan told PTI.

“On May 3, I received a letter from the Ombudsman, which is already marked to the BCCI. On April 19, when the Ombudsman called me, it happened after a virtual hearing.” Chavan has asked his home state association to continue the matter with the BCCI, which has not responded to the parent body in the last month since the Ombudsman’s order arrived.

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“I received a letter from the ombudsman saying that the ban had been reduced to seven years. I wrote a letter to the BCCI president, secretary and CEO stating that my ban had been reduced.


“Same as what was given to Sreesanth, but his order came before the ban ended and mine after the ban ended. Since I didn’t get that letter, I had to write to the MCA asking the BCCI to write that letter.

“If I have to make myself available, I have to submit a letter from the BCCI to prove that my ban has been reduced. Once the letter arrives, I can officially start playing again,” Chavan said.

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