Friends Reunion makes its way to the 2021 Emmy Awards Named a special episode “Thank You All”

Friends Reunion makes its way to the 2021 Emmy Awards Named a special episode “Thank You All”

Friends Reunion Special Receives Emmy Nomination for “Everyone Who Appreciates” (Pic Credit: Instagram / courteneycoxofficial)

Friends Reunion premiered on HBO Max and Zee5 on May 27, this year with four Emmy nominations. The special reunion was a success and loved by fans from all over the world. They have been named in the pre-recorded Special Variety section along with the Direction, Production Design and Lightning.

After the news broke, Friends starred Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer on social media due to Emmy nominations.

This is the first Emmy nomination received by Courteney Cox, who was the only Friends star who had not previously received an Emmy nomination. He expressed his gratitude in an Instagram message along with a photo of the entire actor, saying, “We thank the academy immensely for this honor and especially thank Ben Winston and the great achievement of his entire team.”

Lisa Kudrow also shared Ben Winston’s session producer and a photo of the set to show to her fans. The headline was: “Congratulations to Ben Winston and #friendsreunion 4 Emmy nominations! Thank you academy”.

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Matt LeBlanc also expressed his gratitude for the special Emmy nominations at the Friends Reunion. He shared the same photo of the full cast as “Thank you Academy and Congratulations to Ben Winston. We are all very grateful. It was a very fun #friendly meeting.”

Other members of the cast, such as Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, shared photos via Instagram stories to express their gratitude for the special Emmy Nomination for Friends Reunion.

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