FRIENDS said of this creator, “There were black shows and white shows; there weren’t a lot of inter-racial shows.”

FRIENDS said of this creator, “There were black shows and white shows; there weren’t a lot of inter-racial shows.”

FRIENDS Founder Martha Kauffman explains the lack of diversity in CNN Sitcoms special history (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Although more than a decade has passed since the last episode of the FRIENDS sitcom was aired, fans continue to want more. From the special reunion to the many interviews with the actors and the group, discussions about the show continue.

However, despite the show’s love for itself, it has always been a passionate theme related to the lack of diversity of FRIENDS in its acting work. All of the main actors were white, except for almost all of the supporting actors who were white.

To express her views, Martha Kauffman, founder of FRIENDS, explained the reason for this. It appeared in the special History of CNN Sitcom, which created a common feeling that many people felt in recent years.

Former actress Sheryl Lee Ralph Designing Women stated, “I never saw Friends because they couldn’t find a way to add color to anyone,” Martha Kauffman, who apologized for the show’s lack of diversity in the past, gave further explanations. how it happened.

Kauffman said: “It was partly a product of the past. And because of my ignorance. “There were black shows and white shows. There was no show between the races. “

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The show lasted ten years and many actors and actresses had different roles but only two people who were not white, both of whom were Ross’s girlfriends. David Schwimmer admitted in an interview with The Guardian last year that he should be encouraged.

Kauffman said he would make “very different decisions” last year. He also said the show was based on his real-life experiences. He said, “I think I was thinking at the time, ‘This is what I know. This is what I know.’

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