Gadar 2 Will Return Sunny Deol Tara Singh to Pakistan but Amazing!

Gadar 2 Will Return Sunny Deol Tara Singh to Pakistan but Amazing! (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Not only has Sunny created the story of Deol Gadar, it has been a character that has kept Euphoria since its release. In wonderful news, it is said that director Anil Sharma broke the idea of ​​Gadar 2. about what? Does Sunny Deol make a comeback? Read on to find out more!

Anil Sharma’s son, Utkarsh, played an important role in the film and rumors say that he too will return in a row. The story can take a 20-year leap by following the story of the same characters.

A report from Pinkvilla said: “Gadar is a timeless love story that created history at the box office. Twenty years later, Anil Sharma is organizing a sequel to Gadar with Sunny Deol and her son, Utkarsh Sharma. The filmmaker has broken the one-line idea of ​​follow-up when Tara Singh returned to Pakistan to return her son, Charanjeet Singh. “

The same report also clarifies that director Anil Sharma will complete Apne 2 before joining Gadar 2 first. They plan to shoot the film in Punjab and London. Like the first part, it is set in the background of boxing. “

In a previous interview, Anil Sharma also said, “The whole world wants to return Tara Singh and I would like to make 10 films of this character. It’s hard to make Gadar 2. It takes a bomb of emotion, drama and Greatness. Every time Gadar 2 is announced, you might think I got that bomb. “

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