Gasoline, diesel rates have risen sharply after a two-day break.  Check fuel rates

Gasoline, diesel rates have risen sharply after a two-day break. Check fuel rates

Diesel and diesel prices rose again on Thursday after two days of silence. While 35 paises per liter of petrol became more expensive, diesel rates rose 15 paises on Monday after 16 paises fell. Rising international fuel prices fell by about 2% as a result of the possibility of easing supply.

Fuel prices have risen since early May and gasoline rates, in particular, have risen 11.14 per liter in recent weeks. The rate of diesel has risen over the same period of time 9.14.

In Delhi, there is now a liter of gasoline While 101.54 is a liter of diesel 89.97. Oil prices are in the north 100 brands in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru.

Of these metropolitan cities, fuel rates are the most expensive in Mumbai when there is a liter of gasoline While it costs 107.54 liters of diesel 97.45.

In Rajasthan’s Ganganagar, it costs a liter of petrol and diesel 112.90 and 103.15, respectively.

Diesel and diesel prices today – July 15, 2021.

The different prices of state gasoline and diesel fuel are due to differences in taxes and duties imposed by state governments. The taxes imposed by the central government, however, also form part of the final selling price of the two fuels.

Diesel and diesel prices rose again, Patna gasoline keys 100 100
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International crude rates have also often had an impact on daily reviews of petrol and diesel prices, with many stating that this has not been the case lately and that lowering global rates has not given consumers much peace of mind or not in India. In recent times the central government has also highlighted the need for welfare measures of the fund, for which taxes on fuel are essential, especially Covid-19 times.

Opposition critics and political parties, however, remain targeted by the central government, while many economists point to inflationary pressures. House budgets have been drawn, as fuel prices remain at high levels and are likely to increase only in the coming seasons.


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