Gasoline prices exceed 100 ₹ per liter in Bengaluru as fuel prices rise

Gasoline prices exceed 100 ₹ per liter in Bengaluru as fuel prices rise

Today, for the first time, the price of diesel has tripled in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, as the rise in fuel prices continues throughout the country. On Friday, oil companies raised gasoline and diesel prices by 26 paise and 30 paise per liter, after keeping the price stable for a day.

The price of Bengaluru oil has become the last city in India to reach a questionable record above the Rs-100 mark. The price of diesel in Bengaluru will cost today 100.17 liters. In the first three weeks of the month, Bengaluru has seen its gasoline prices rise 2 liters. Since January of this year, when the price of gasoline in Bengaluru was For every 86.47 liters, the city has seen the price of fuel almost fall 14 liters per six months. The price of diesel in Bengal is currently the price of diesel 92.97 liters.

Recently, nearby Telangana Hyderabad also breached a triple figure in gasoline prices. Today the price of diesel has also risen in Bhopal 104.53 liters per meter, the highest of the major metro cities in India. Bhopal is also the first capital of the state, as petrol for the first time broke the Rs-100 mark.

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The price of Delhi diesel will now cost 96.93 per liter, while diesel will cost 87.69 liters. Today Mumbain gasoline has gone up 103.08 liters. The city recently saw the price of petrol breach the Rs-100 mark. The price of diesel is currently in Mumbai 95.14 liters.

In Rajasthan, the Sri Ganganagar district remains the most expensive place to buy fuel in India. Be it oil or diesel, the price of fuel in this place near the Pakistani border has doubled lately. Here a liter of gasoline is worth it now 108.07 and diesel costs 100.82 liters.


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