Gasoline prices rise to almost 101 ia in Mumbai, as fuel prices rise again in 2 days

Gasoline prices rise to almost 101 ia in Mumbai, as fuel prices rise again in 2 days

Oil and diesel prices picked up a second hike today this week as oil companies revised prices two days later. With the new rise, Mumbai has almost taken the price of gasoline 101 liters. Last weekend, the price of gasoline reached three figures in Mumbai for the first time in history.

According to a document released by the Indian Oil Corporation (COI), the price of gasoline has risen by 27 paises per liter and the price of diesel by 28 paises per liter.

The latest rise is the 18th, after a 18-day break on May 4 since the price review resumed.

Today, Mumbai will cost gasoline At 100.98 liters, it will cost diesel 92.99 liters. The national capital is also not behind the three-figure gas station. Delhi will have to take to the streets 94.76 liters of gasoline and 85.66 liters for diesel from today. Chennain has reached the price of a liter of gasoline 96.92 and 90.38 liters of diesel. Prices in Kolkata have been revised 94.76 liters of gasoline and 88.51 liters for diesel.

Petrol and diesel prices on fire after Sunday hike
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The last time the rise in fuel prices rose last month was when assembly elections in five states ended and began one day later. Since then, the price of gasoline has already exceeded 100 brands in various cities in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

May has seen one of the sharpest rises in fuel prices in India. In all, the price of gasoline and diesel rose 16 times throughout the month, which increased the price of gasoline. For every 3.83 liters, the price of diesel, on the other hand, rose overall 4.42 per liter.

India has already seen a rise in the price of both fuels in the first four days of this month. Trends in fuel price growth are likely to continue in the coming days as well.

State oil companies like the IOC, Bharat Petroleum (BPL) and Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) are deciding on price revisions after the government deregulated oil and diesel prices in 2010. exchange rate.


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