Gautam Rode: The best way to break the cliché is to be real

Gautam Rode: The best way to break the cliché is to be real

Actor Gautam Rode plays an NSG commando in the new OTT-released film “State Of Siege: Temple Attack.” The story is set around the Terrorist Strike in a Gandhinagar temple and is based on the 2002 Akshardham attack.

If the argument often clings to a genre studied in film, Gautam says the only way to break the cliché was to keep it real.

“I think one of the most important parts of our characters in the film was to be real. Our way of breaking the cliché was to be real. All the movies behind the terror attack have men. They come in uniform to rescue the hostages and show their courage. It’s something we’ve seen before on screen. But we don’t we have to forget that in every situation the characters are different and the challenges are different, ”Gautam told IANS.

“It is a heroic act to protect National Security Guard (NSG) officials from so much danger on our shoulders. As actors, instead of exaggerating if we keep it real, it can be told: There is no cliché. Through our performance, we can show respect to our Indian army,” he added. du.

According to the actor, who helped the actors get into the skin of their roles is the leadership of a retired army officer in the set and in the wide workshop, he taught the actors how to hold a gun, how to shoot and take on body language nuances. .

Recalling the filming experience, they said: “We shot the film in November and December 2020, and the last year’s schedule was in February of this year. “If I start thinking about the dark side of reality, I won’t be able to act as an actor. We have to live our lives, we have to look forward to a new day.”

“State Of Siege: Temple Attack” features Akshaye Khanna, Vivek Dhaiya, Samir Soni, Parvin Dabas and Manjari Fadnnis alongside Gautam Rode. The film is available on Zee5.


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