Gigi Hadid has revealed that she has had doubts about being “enough” to be a mother

Gigi Hadid has enough days to doubt her motherhood, read on (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Model Gigi Hadid shared that when her first son Khai was pregnant she was worried about being a good mother.

The 26-year-old model told how she kept a good diary and a bad diary in a newspaper that says she might one day give it to her daughter Khai.

Gigi Hadid also told how her musician Beau and Zayn Malik have adapted to her family.

Regarding pregnancy anxiety, Gigi Hadid said in Harper’s August Bazaar magazine: “During my pregnancy, I had a magazine that I called a good magazine and I called it a bad magazine. They weren’t literal, but it was one more for Memories, for Khai. Maybe one day. I’m going to give him a bad newspaper to make it real. “

Speaking of what was inside the bad magazine, she said, “I felt anxious and sad,“ Am I old enough to be a mother? “I didn’t want to feel guilty about feeling these things or writing these things down. I liked the distinction. I also have sketches to water the color sketches, and sometimes I end up writing there too. I write on the back of the receipts and keep them in my notebook.”

Gigi Hadid added: “I don’t care about that, and my newspapers are around the house. I just pick up and write what I have closest to me.”

About Zayn, Gigi said, “At first he said, ‘How do I get a word on the edge?’ But now he’s very happy. He talks about it. When he’s in the middle of a family thing and everyone says, ‘Zayn, who are you on?’ It’s charming. It’s always on my mother’s side. So it makes sense in that sense. “

He added, “That doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart or Bella doesn’t have a brain, but when it comes to family things and world issues, my mother calls me a brain and Bella a heart.”

“My brother (Anwar) is half and half. Whatever the discussion around the family table, Bella will be very emotional and compassionate, and I’m sitting there pulling out lists and infographics, talking a lot quietly, ”she said.

Gigi added: “My mother is very Dutch and to the point. And my father is a storyteller, a bit funny, but he always connects it like this: ‘Oh, you’ve heard the old Palestinian saying …’

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