GM Tesla and Ford deal with another electric pickup, in addition to the Hummer EV

GM Tesla and Ford deal with another electric pickup, in addition to the Hummer EV

General Motors plans to launch a full-size electric truck for the GMC truck and sports utility brand in the near future. The carmaker is part of a $ 35 billion push for electric vehicles. It also includes a Hummer electric pickup and a Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV, the 1st engine reported. The Chevrolet Silverado electric pickup is also part of GM’s plans.

Details of the upcoming electric pickup are scarce and it is unclear the name of the counterpart that powers its internal combustion engine (GMC Sierra) or what the production schedule would be. However, the upcoming GMC trucks are expected to have a range of about 400 kilometers (more than 600 kilometers) thanks to GM’s Ultium electric vehicle batteries, the report says.

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With the new electric pickup, they are looking at GM Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup and Tesla and Rivian, which have delivered their own versions for the electric truck segment. The Ford -150 Lightning charger can travel about 370 miles on a single charge equipped with a standard battery pack. It can run a distance of 483 kilometers equipped with a larger battery of wide range.

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General Motors has increased its investment plans in equipment by 30% and will invest $ 35 billion in more than 30 connected vehicles by 2025 and a total of four battery plants. 20 electric models for 2023 are larger than previously achieved. The automaker took the first step toward its electrical switch with the Hummer EV announcement, which is in a “fairly advanced” development phase, CNBC reported earlier.

In January, General Motors aimed to sell new zero-emission cars, SUVs and light pickup trucks by 2035.


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