Google Pixel adds some wonderful new features to astro video for better privacy.  See the benefits here

Google Pixel adds some wonderful new features to astro video for better privacy. See the benefits here

Google Pixel has made it so much more interesting for you, from work to Hobbies! The latest features of Google’s Google Pixel feature for Drop phones include astrophoto videos, new Pride wallpapers, improved photo and video privacy, and more. The new features will be launched from Pixel 3 phones with Pixel 3. But some features are limited to new models like Google Pixel 4.

Google Pixel Astrophotography

Google introduced astrophotography with Night Sight in Pixel 2019. This feature allows Pixel users to take clean pictures of the night sky. Google makes it possible to capture night-star videos with the latest Pixel drop. When you take a photo in night view, the photo and video are saved in the camera book. You can also try to wait longer to get more stars in the video. Video astrophotography is available on Pixel 4 and new phones.

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Google Pixel Pride Wallpapers

It’s Pride Month and Google has introduced new murals and ringtones. There are three Pride wallpapers designed by Ashton Attzs, and tones and notifications on the Pride theme created by LGBTQ + artists and YouTube Creators.

Google Pixel locked folder in photos

Google has also begun rolling out Locked Folder in Google Photos, a feature that Google I / On announced last month. The locked folder can be used to store photos and videos that require a little privacy to access your device’s passcode or fingerprint. You can add photos and videos to a locked folder directly from the camera. These photos and videos won’t appear anywhere else in Google Photos, including shared albums, Memories, or any other application.

Google Pixel Calls

The latest Pixel drop allows you to reject or answer calls when your Google Pixel phone is unavailable. You can do this with a Google Assistant by saying “Listen to Google, answer the call” or “Listen to Google, answer the call”. Gboard is also becoming faster with the ability to display copied text as a suggested phone number, email address, or URL on the clipboard. It will appear in apps like Messages and Maps.

Google has also extended some existing features to more countries. This involves the accident detection of the Pixel car, which is now available in Spain, Ireland and Singapore. The Call screen feature, which allows you to avoid spam calls to Japan, is also being expanded.


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