Half of all phones sold worldwide support 5G by 2022: Realme-Counterpoint report

Half of all phones sold worldwide support 5G by 2022: Realme-Counterpoint report

One in two smartphones sold worldwide is expected to support 5G by the end of 2022, as factors such as cheaper, unique design and performance in new technologies, according to a white paper by Counterpoint Research and Realme.

According to a white paper entitled “Becoming Global 5G: Accessibility for All,” the adoption of global 5G is surpassing all previous generations.

In the first quarter of 2021, a year after the world’s commercial 5G network was launched, nearly one in three phones sold worldwide supports 5G, he said.

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While developed markets are pushing for 5G adoption, this is expected to change as more emerging markets start to launch commercial 5G services.

The White Paper noted that the first segments have traditionally dominated the early adoption phase of previous generations, but 5G has brought new dynamics to the market.

“In 2020, they accounted for almost 40% of all 5G devices sold by low- and mid-range 5G phones. Average sales prices (ASP) will continue to decline in the future with double digits in the future. It is expected that one in two smartphones sold worldwide will support 5G by 2022. at the end, ”he added.

People expect 5G phones to show how new technology is the Radical Evolution of the past, even through special sets of designs and features.

There is a strong desire among younger consumers to achieve thinner, lighter and more attractive designs, as well as improved functionality such as screens and battery capacity, according to Insights.

“It is gratifying to learn that the global adoption rate for 5G continues to grow, with developed markets with adoption levels of 80-90 percent, while the emerging economy will become the next major driver of 5G growth,” said Sky Li director main.

Li added that the company is committed to promoting 5G and is well positioned to have a strong global presence for this, especially in emerging markets; connect with young consumers; large investment in product R&D; and a diverse portfolio of 5G devices.

“Realm believes that the development of 5G Smartphone has entered the 2.0 era, and the more complete 5G mobile experience is gradually becoming a new standard.

“We intend to further expand our 5G offering by providing a better 5G mobile experience through premium product specifications but also through more innovative designs,” said Realme Madhav Sheth Vice President and CEO (India and Europe).

Peter Richardson, VP and Director of Research at Counterpoint Research, said he has seen a different mix of players in every generation of cellular technology taking the lead.

“In 3G it was Nokia, Samsung took 4G. As we look ahead, the list of players is growing more and more diverse,” he said.

Last week, Realm expected to carry less than a 5G Smartphone 10,000 next year, and plans to lower the price of the phone roughly 7,000 pieces then.

At a 5G summit, Sheth announced that the company would invest more 2.1 billion ($ 300 million) of research and development worldwide has been deployed in 5G and seven R&D centers in different locations, including India.


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