Haryana to design a policy for the manufacture of electric vehicles: Minister

Haryana to design a policy for the manufacture of electric vehicles: Minister

The Haryana government will turn into a battery-powered policy for the manufacture of electric vehicles and internal combustion engines in the state, Deputy State Minister Dushyant Chautala told PTI.

To this end, the state government will invite suggestions after consultation with vehicle manufacturers and industry experts. Chautala, who also holds the position of Department of Industry and Trade, gave the necessary guidance on the formulation of policies, saying that the policy will promote green electric vehicles instead of those that run on fossil fuels and cause pollution.

In addition to purchasing new electric vehicles, the policy will focus on replacing existing vehicles with electric vehicles at the end of their time. The work will end on a phase-packed continent.

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To ensure that the adoption of electric vehicles is smoother, the state needs to focus on charging infrastructure. While outlining guidelines for formulating the policy, Chautala said the charging stations will be implemented in all cities and on major roads. As a first step to this, they have already inaugurated a charging station in the state of Panchkula.

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Charging stations will also be built at government offices and private sites. The state government will emphasize the creation of vehicle charging infrastructure in all new apartments, high-rise buildings and city technology parks.

The government will also boost the developing market for disposing of electric vehicle batteries. In addition, charging stations or battery exchange stations based on clean fuels and renewable energy will also be promoted.


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