Hero Electric welcomes EV’s proposal to exempt RC, Renewal rates

Hero Electric welcomes EV’s proposal to exempt RC, Renewal rates

Along the way that could be one more reason to think about buying an electric vehicle and making it cheaper, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway recently issued a draft notification for paying for these vehicles for RC and refurbishment. It is a move that can give a positive boost to the sale of battery-powered vehicles in all segments.

Hero Electric, the leading player in two-wheeled battery-powered space, is hopeful that the proposal will help make the proposal more common than it is today. “EV is an encouraging move for the industry as it takes every step to reduce the burden on consumers. Buying electronics helps a lot to increase demand,” said Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric. “When we start unlocking after a difficult period, Hero is confident that, with such measures in place, it will lead India to become the focus of electric vehicles in the coming years while helping to strengthen the industry.”

Over the past year Massive Strides has been taken to the world for the purpose of electric transportation. While major automakers have unveiled several new battery-powered products, governments have also announced ambitious plans to phase out sales of conventional vehicles or make EVs cheaper or both.

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In India, the pace of electric mobility has been slower compared to several markets in the US, China and Europe. But the approach to electric mobility has been consistent. Manufacturers of luxury cars like Mercedes and Jaguar have already brought in some electric vehicles, and others like Audi and Volvo will do so soon. The segment of electric cars on the mass market, currently dominated by the Tata Nexon EV, is relatively empty but moving here could massively help EVs gain mainstream approval. Along with this, this ramp in support infrastructure is believed to be two major game changers, although the momentum continues to be generated in terms of two and three electric wheels.


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