Honda is willing to work with others to develop software for electric vehicles

Honda Motor Co. he had long since abandoned major strategic alliances, preferring to go it alone, even though many of his automotive members came together to improve economies of scale. This strategy is changing as Japan’s automotive industry is shifting more aggressively towards electric vehicles.

“It will be very dangerous for Honda to push the move alone,” CEO Toshihiro Mibe said in an interview on Tuesday. “Creating alliances, mass production and lower costs is what makes our business sustainable.”


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Mom said the company is open to information from Bloomberg News at the Honda Innovation Laboratory on the 38th floor of the Central Office building, which is open to working with others in different industries to develop software used in electric vehicles.

“Even if we make electric cars, it will be very difficult for Honda to develop software alone,” said Mibe, who helped lead R&D efforts in April to become the company’s CEO. “Honda will not hesitate to form alliances with companies that are strong in their field, if that creates value immediately.”

In April, Honda became the first Japanese automaker to publicly stop selling gasoline vehicles. He set a goal of completely disappearing by 2040. , with global sales forecasts expected to rise significantly in the coming years.

In 2018, Honda Alphabet Inc. was in talks with the Waymo car unit to develop autonomous vehicles, but those discussions revolved around issues related to technology access and relationship balancing. He invested and partnered in General Motors Co.’s Cruise LLC.

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Aside from its partnerships with GM in areas such as battery technology, Honda has followed a completely independent path, especially compared to other Japanese automakers. That is changing according to Mib, although Honda will not disclose the names of the companies that could create new partnerships.

“We still want to discuss it with different companies in different areas,” they said, “I believe in creating new value by becoming a partner with non-auto companies, so we don’t reduce them.”

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