How drones have become the main weapon in Dubai Police fighting and traffic offenses

How drones have become the main weapon in Dubai Police fighting and traffic offenses

Police personnel stationed at traffic intersections may be an old concept. Surveillance cameras in strategic locations can also be temporary. If you are in Dubai, it is the eyes of heaven that are responsible for quickly punishing all people who are guilty of violating traffic rules. It was recently reported that drones with Dubai Police helped him record 2,933 traffic offenses.

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According to a report published in the Khaleej Times newspaper, Dubai Police personnel have deployed drones, among other things, to effectively deal with road violations, which have become a major tool for their daily activities.

It has been reported that drones are not only capable of scanning tight ones. There are no distinguishing routes available for police patrol cars, but they are equipped with high-resolution cameras that clearly capture vehicle registration data and the face of the person behind the wheels.

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Two drones were deployed as part of an experiment and police say they were a huge success. But in addition to verifying traffic violations, these drones have had even more serious advantages.

The drones also tracked and reported 159 violations of the cars they wanted, and helped police check for harmful activities such as drug trafficking. Interestingly, 518 people were fined for minor offenses such as not wearing a mask 19 times Covid and another 37 for walking.

Drones and their wide application can be a shot in the arm aimed at police forces around the world. Although the Dubai Police Department is also known for its garage full of luxury and expensive vehicles, drones may be the bet that makes the most effort here.


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