How Skoda EVs batteries can provide power for fast-charging stations is used

How Skoda EVs batteries can provide power for fast-charging stations is used

Skoda Auto has introduced an intelligent energy storage system that uses used batteries from Skoda electric vehicles (EVs) such as Enyaq iV, Superb iV, Octavia iV and Octavia RS iV. This gives the batteries a second life cycle, effectively reducing their carbon footprint.

Energy storage systems can accommodate 20 batteries of the Superb iV and Octavia iV plug-in hybrid models, each weighing 13 kWh, or five 82 kWh batteries of the Enyaq iV electric SUV. The total capacity of the unit is 328 kWh, which can also be used to supply power to fast charging stations with a transmission power of up to 150 kW.

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Energy storage units can be scaled up or down, and batteries can be exchanged if needed. Skoda, in partnership with IBG Cesko, plans to build more than 4,000 of these sustainable energy units in the coming years.

Skoda’s sustainable energy storage system

Following the successful completion of a pilot project in Prague, storage units are being deployed at Skoda dealerships throughout the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia, with 160 prepaid items received. In addition to being a fast charge for electric vehicles, vendors can also use electrical grids to light and air-condition showcases and workshops.

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For the first units of the energy storage system, Skoda will use batteries from test and pre-production electric vehicles. Later, the cells of the used production vehicles will be placed through a second life cycle. The battery capacity of stored storage systems drops by about two percent per year. Thus, its Life Cycle is extended to 15 years, significantly improving its carbon footprint.

To make the project even more sustainable, Skoda will process the batteries at the end of this second life cycle in a controlled process. The recovered raw materials will be used to produce new batteries. Skoda provides a two-year warranty on energy storage systems and an eight-month warranty on used second-life batteries.


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