Huawei’s Electronics Giant aims to race 2025 to drive driverless car technology

Huawei’s Electronics Giant aims to race 2025 to drive driverless car technology

Huawei Technologies has long had plans to enter the Automotive space, but the latest to come from China’s Giant electronics is to roll out driverless car technology from 2025 onwards. Huawei is the world’s largest telecommunications company and is sparking a lot of interest in the automotive space at a time when other electronic giants are also looking down this specific path.

Huawei is clearly within the potential of the global automotive business and has recently expanded its partnership with Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. to include the design and development of semiconductors for self-use. Past reports have suggested he has been in talks with at least two Chinese car companies to acquire his EV units.

Unmanned car technology has since been clearly established as an essential part of its car intentions. “Our team’s goal is to reach real passenger cars without drivers by 2025,” Wang Jun, a senior executive in Huawei’s smart vehicle unit, said at an industry conference.

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Huawei has mainly been in the business of making and selling phones around the world. but reports say that since U.S. sanctions hit – the Donald Trump administration cited Huawei as a threat to the U.S., the Chinese company has been forced to look elsewhere. The automotive sector has perhaps shown tremendous potential.

Huawei is hardly the only technology company that wants to find a base in the automotive space. It has been reported that people like Xiaomi and Oppo also plan to expand their self-driving models. Apple is also working to better understand the automotive space. After all, it could be an exciting time ahead, as traditional car companies face new challenges from technology-based companies.

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