Hyderabad’s Pure EV has opened its first store in Delhi

Hyderabad’s Pure EV has opened its first store in Delhi

Pure EV, a two-wheeled electric wheel manufacturing company in Hyderabad, opened its first Flagship store eBOX Motors in Delhi. It is the first store of the company in the capital. The company, which left the IIT campus in Hyderabad, also produces lithium-ion batteries.

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Pure EV’s two-wheeled electric models feature a portable lithium-ion battery with portable chargers on the metal cover. The company says these EVs can be charged anywhere because they only need a five-amp electrical outlet. All models feature an aerodynamic body, multi-reflective headlight, 4-inch LCD screen, rounded mirrors and 10-inch alloy wheels in thick rubber tires. The models are available in six colors: white, red, blue, black, gray and silver.

EV Maker currently has four models in its portfolio. EPluto 7G and Etrance Neo are two high-speed models and two low-speed models, namely EPluto and ETrance +. Assistant General Manager – Pure EV Raj Srivastava’s sales and distribution said that these models were created considering the city’s commuting scene and therefore the maximum speed has been maintained at 60 km / h. “Pure EV vehicles offer an impressive range of 120 km,” he added.

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Pure EV plans to expand its manufacturing base to larger facilities to manufacture two lakhs of EV power and a 5 GWh battery per year. The company plans to open a new plant by 2022 to meet the growing demand for electric and lithium batteries in India. He also wants to set up shops in the country.

Pure EV has its own battery manufacturing and research installation facility. Several teams work in the basic areas of battery thermal management systems and power trains to achieve long-lasting and high-performance lithium batteries.


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