“I didn’t have the courage then”

Bharti Singh initially opens up about being improperly touched (Pic Credit: Instagram / bharti.laughterqueen)

Bharti Singh is one of the best female comics writers in the country, and she bursts out laughing at everyone with her sharp blows. Since Standhar began his career in comedy, Bharti has come a long way and has taken a good name with his performances on The Kapil Sharma Show, in other TV shows and as a host. But the journey he made to reach the top was not an easy one.

In a recent interaction in a podcast, about Bharti’s life, about her struggles as a woman when she entered the entertainment industry, and so on. One of those startling, twisted appearances about his past was that he was improperly touched by the show’s coordinators. Read all that said below.

In a recent appearance on Maniesh Paul’s podcast, Bharti Singh performed Revelation around the early days of his career. He also added that he has not raised his voice about it “even though it doesn’t feel right” because he doesn’t know how to distinguish between good and bad. The comedian-host said: “The coordinators (of the show) sometimes acted badly. They would rub their hands on their backs. I would know it’s not a good feeling, but then I would think he’s like my uncle, he can’t be bad. Maybe I’m wrong and he’s right. “

Bharti Singh continued, “So I thought this didn’t feel right. I didn’t understand. I have the confidence to fight now, for my body, for my honor. Now I can say ‘what’s going on, what you’re looking at, get out We can talk now, but I didn’t have the courage then. “

In the same interview with Maniesh Paul, Bharti Singh also opened the time when his father’s money-grabbing men showed up at his house and misbehaved with his mother. He talked about growing up in extreme poverty, not having enough food at home, and more. The comedian said that his family is not yet adapted and adapted to the prosperous lifestyle he can offer.

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