“I thought we would never escape the hospital.”

“I thought we would never escape the hospital.”

Mallika Dua is relocated after the trauma of her mother’s death: “We thought we would never escape from the hospital” – Deets Inside (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Comedian-actress Mallika Dua took to social media on Tuesday to report the news that she had returned to work after being in the hospital for some time.

Mallika opened up saying she was in the hospital, never afraid to return home.

“Back to the plate. I woke up every morning in the hospital I wanted every day, I always gave up for this life. I thought every day that we would never run away from the hospital, that we would never see the house again. Don’t see each other again. While some fears came true, others did not. It’s worth it, ”Mallika wrote in an Instagram post.

“I realized something, our little problems, anxiety at work, competition, Chik Chik, fomo, etc. are a sign that things are normal. This is not a weakening of panic and feeling anything other than fear. I will never judge myself for the life I live. “We feel that our life is always rich with little inconveniences. I would take it any other day. Nothing is perceived as a matter of life or death until I literally become one. My mother never skipped work. I won’t either.” ”He added.

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Mallika’s mother, Dr. Padmavati Dua, came under the control of Covid in the second week of June.

The comedy actor, known for playing characters like Makeup Didi and Parlor Didi, recently asked internet users for suggestions on how to fight long-term grief and trauma.

“Every once in an hour, if you have any recommendations for Ps: pain relief groups or books / shows / movies that address long-term grief and trauma, tell Didi. This will happen too, na?” He asked in an Instagram post recently.

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