“I wasn’t convinced Surekha Sikri was perfect,” Badhaai Ho founder Amit Sharma recalls an embarrassing memory

“I wasn’t convinced Surekha Sikri was perfect,” Badhaai Ho founder Amit Sharma recalls an embarrassing memory

Amit Sharma talks about asking Surekha Sikri in Badhaai Ho (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Surekha Sukri passed away last week, sending shockwaves into the industry. Young audiences, unaware of his work, get to know Badhaai Ho’s veteran Daadi (grandmother) actor. Surekhaji looked tailor-made for the character, but it wasn’t the opinion of director Amit Sharma at first. Scroll down to discover Shamara’s embarrassing memory.

Badhaai Ho was very successful in his release and the role of Surekha Sikri was one of the main points of success. Unfortunately, at first, Amit Sharma was unsure whether the role would fit. He had to listen to Surekhaji for the role and was embarrassed.

According to Spotboy, Amit Sharma said: “I’m embarrassed at first that I didn’t believe it was suitable for the role of Daadi. Maybe because I only saw it in salwar-kameez. I wanted to see how he saw it on a network. I asked him to do an audition, and very badly I felt like asking that of an actor with his experience and height. “

“Do you know what his response was? ‘Chalo map hain na’. And that was it. He came to my office and I wanted to look like a network. Unfortunately, the outfit didn’t have a net ready that day. Surekhaji had to return for another audition. He eventually had to do three auditions. By then I was convinced that no one else could play with Daadi, ”added Sharmak Surekha Sikri who was a professional.

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“We were both at the national awards function to receive the Badhaai Ho awards. He was in a wheelchair weaker than ever. I bent down to talk to him. He put his hand on my head. I still feel his hand blessing her. I can’t believe he’s gone. Every time I called him, he would say “Amit humein kaam chahiye”. He wanted to keep working. I would calm down, ‘Karte so na. Aap theek toh ho jaiaye. ‘That never happened,’ the Badhaai Ho director recalled.

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