IMF International Aspirants beat fraud in 1992 in IMDb scores! Check for an updated ‘scorecard’

NDF Aspirant overcomes 1992 fraud in IMDb ratings (Photo Credit: Imdb)

The scam of ratings between 1992 and the TVF Aspirants is a matter of debate for months now. The discussion between the two has been interesting and the latest creation of the NDF has managed to win in a couple of months. But what exactly is the status of the two shows on the IMDb charts? Keep reading to find out more.

For the uninitiated, Aspirants was completely in May 2021. It had just been a couple of months since it premiered. As he came from the NDF house, the show was expected to be good in terms of content, but within a few days he managed to create rage. He overcame the 1992 scam, ruling the throne of India’s best web series on IMDb about 9 months ago.

According to the latest update, the 1992 scam ranges from 10 to 9.5 with 113K people voting. On the other hand, the last session of the NDF is now at the top with a score of 10.7 to 9.7 and 273,000 votes.

Interestingly, ALT Balaji’s His Story is also 9.7, but the number of votes is around 3.9K, so it’s not considered here.

Hopefully, in the coming days we will get the testimonial of the most interesting and amazing web series in India that will challenge the Aspirant score.

Meanwhile, last month, Naveen Kasturia made a big statement in the second season of the NDF Aspirants.

In a conversation with SpotboyE, Naveen said: “I think the story of Abhilash is incomplete at the moment. We haven’t seen how they became IAS, so it should be perfect for season 2. I hope NDF season 2 is enthusiastic. and season 1 is going very well. “

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