In Delhi you cannot drive at more than 70 km / h.  Here’s why

In Delhi you cannot drive at more than 70 km / h. Here’s why

The speed limit for Delhi vehicles has been limited to 70 kmph from now on. The Delhi Traffic Police shared a government notification today that shares new traffic rules regarding the speed of different types of vehicles.

A four-wheeled private vehicle such as cars, jeeps and cabins has been warned by the deputy police commissioner’s office that they will impose a traffic penalty anywhere in the city if they exceed a speed limit of 70 kmph. The new traffic rules shared by the Deliko Traffic Police have listed roads where vehicles can have a maximum speed of 70 km.

Such roads include NH-48, which connects Gurugram and Delhi, DND flyover connects Delhi with Noida, NH-44 connects Delhi with Haryana at Singhu border, Noida Toll Road, NH-9 from Millennium Park to Ghaziabad border, NH -9 direction Tikri border, detour bypass and route from Mahipalpur to IGI airport.

For both wheels, the speed limit has been limited to 60 km / h on these roads, the maximum they can do anywhere in Delhi. In commercial vehicles, the speed is limited to 40 kmph on most roads in the national capital.

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Speed ​​is limited to 30 km / h for all vehicles on small roads in all residential areas, shopping malls, such as shopping malls and service roads.

According to Satyawan Gautam Deputy Commissioner of Police / Traffic, “it is necessary to regulate the speed of motor vehicles on the roads of the NCT in Delhi to ensure safety for drivers and other users.” The government has also announced a heavy fine for violating the speed limit. The speed of public transport and goods vehicles such as three-wheelers, buses and trucks is currently 40 km / h across the city, on small roads and within residential areas, it drops to 30 km / h for all vehicles. ”

Incidentally punished for speeding in Delhi District 2,000 and 4,000 depending on the type of vehicle. Speeding on public roads or running races is also a crime and can lead to a fine 5,000.


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