Indeep Bakshi Ashnoor Kaur star ‘Ignore’ out: “He’s very dedicated …”

Indeep Bakshi Ashnoor Kaur star ‘Ignore’ out: “He’s very dedicated …”

Indeep Bakshi and Ashnoor Kaur talk about their latest track “Ignore”

Singer Indeep Bakshi, also a well-known rapper, released the new track Ignore on Monday. The song is sung by Ayush Talniya and Indeep performs rap Portions, in addition to appearing in it. Actress Ashnoor Kaur also appears in the video.

“This song came to me recently when I was filming” Yaara “with Ashnoor for my track. I usually write and do my own songs. But this track was ready for me. I was asked to add rap and appear on it. Ashnoor too he agreed to do it right away. I always do commercial songs and uptempo, and I don’t go on very slow tracks, but this is really relaxing and has a young vibe. I liked being part of it. It’s a fun way to find out how the equation between a couple changes over time. ” , said Indeep.

To find out why she took the project, Ashnoor Kaur said: “When I approached the track and heard the details, I was thrilled. The track would relate to all the couples. It’s a fun and lively track. “I had a great time filming.”

Indeep Bakshi says the song was made a few months ago, but could not be released due to Pandemic restrictions. It doubled in one day and the whole process took about a week.

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Ashnoor Kaur also had a great experience when he was part of the track. “We fired at the track in Chandigarh. Indeep is a hardworking, humble and grounded person. We had a great time filming, ”he says.

For Indeep, collaborating with Ashnoor Kaur was also a good experience. “He’s a great artist. I have worked with several artists since 2012, but the uniqueness is that Ashnoor is very dedicated. Every time we record a video clip, the camera, lenses, angles, and so on. It’s amazing when you work with someone as professional and mature as him. ”

Interestingly, with the goal of promoting hip-hop music, Indeep Bakshi wants to release at least 10 singles with Funk Music this year, four of which have already been filmed and are ready for release.

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