“Indian Idol is written 12,” after Slam Netizen saved Shanmukhapriya and ended Ashish Kulkarni!

“Indian Idol is written 12,” after Slam Netizen saved Shanmukhapriya and ended Ashish Kulkarni!

Indian Idol 12 Ashish Kulkarni Elimination Over Trolled (Photo Credit: Instagram / Twitter)

Indian Idol is nearing the end of the 12th. This season the singer has come out with more noise than the history of the reality show. But the reasons have been confused. From cracking network stories and romantic angles to celebrities like Rahul Vaidya, everything has happened. All in all, Shanmukhapriya has saved Ashish Kulkarni and has left the netizens furious. Read what the trolls have to say.

Yesterday’s episode saw the Asha Bhosle Grace show as a special guest. Not only that, the final winner’s trophy was presented and left many enchanted. The contestants made an effort to impress the crowd, but one of them had yet to be eliminated!

Shanmukhapriya and Ashish Kulkarni were at the danger site. Unfortunately, Indian Idol was a male competitor outside of the 12 race. As expected, the fans made the decision to the makers. Some called it an unfair decision, and others said it was “the worst elimination ever.”

One user wrote: “It’s really touching … Faith in Indian Idol was lost after Ashish Kulkarni was expelled. He deserved to be among the top 3 @VishalDadlani #IndianIdol”

Indion Idol 12 As one viewer wrote that the decision was entirely written, “The removal of Ashish Kulkarni once again proved that the judgments of Indian Idols are fully written. Efforts are being made to save SMP #IndianIdol ”

One user wrote, “Hey, that’s it. Two competitors from the same state will ruin TRP. All #IndianIdol scripts.”

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“#IndianIdol Really the worst decision to eliminate #AshishKulkarni. Why are you waiting for the Final? You won’t be surprised if you declare #ShanmukhPriya as the winner this season,” tweeted another.

An audience member wrote, “#IndianIdol has unjustly evicted #AshishKulkarni deserves to win the show #ShanmukhaPriya should throw @SonyTV”

“Another unjust eviction !! How can they eliminate a versatile singer like #AshishKulkarni !!! Yaar is a great singer !! #IndianIdol, ”read another tweet.

What is your opinion on the latest Indian Idol 12 playoffs?

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