Indian player tests positive for Covid in England, losing training match against Durham: report | Cricket News

One of the 23 Indian Cricketers on the tour in England has tested positive for COVID-19 during the 20-day break and will not travel to Durham on Thursday with the team. BCCI Secretary Jay Shah recently arrived after sending an email to the mainland India to warn of the rise in COVID-19 cases. The party is reassembling in Durham in the bio-bubble ahead of next month’s Test series against England.

“Yes, one of the players has tested positive today despite no major symptoms. He is in quarantine in the place of an acquaintance and will not travel to Durham on Thursday with the team,” a BCCI source told PTI on condition of anonymity.

While the touring tour in the UK is narrowing down about the player’s name, it is understood that Delta has been affected by the variants, which has led to an increase in the number of cases.

Shah, in his letter, told players to “avoid” crowded places because Covishield only provides protection, not full immunity to the virus.


In fact, Shah’s letter stated that players should avoid attending the recently concluded Wimbledon and Euro Championships.

The Indian team will host England in a series of five matches from August 4.

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