# IndianIdol12: Directed singer Anjali says “I expected to reach the Top 5” about Amit Kumar’s critique

# IndianIdol12: Directed singer Anjali says “I expected to reach the Top 5” about Amit Kumar’s critique

Indian Idol 12: Singer Anjali spreads criticism from Amit Kumar, says “I was hoping to reach the Top 5”

The son of legendary singer Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar, who opened his presence on the Indian Idol 12 reality show, has been in the news. While many celebrities showed up and pretended to be fake, others justified the show’s model by calling it a business. After appearing in the film India Idol 12, Amit Kumar said that the makers asked her to praise all the contestants even when she didn’t like the episode. On the other hand, judges Neha Kakkar and Himesh Reshammiya of the show also violently trolled for giving a Twist to Kishore Kumar’s songs. Now, expelled contestant Anjali Gaikwad has opened up about Amit Kumar’s Criticism and hopes of reaching the top 5 positions.

Speaking to Etimes, Anjali revealed that one of the contestants did not feel bad about Amit Kumar’s criticism. He said each worked on his own suggestions for improving himself. He said: “We were not disappointed when Amit Kumar ji said that he did not like the episode and our singing. It is his opinion and he was our guest. We have to respect him. We respect his opinion and we took his suggestions. His suggestions. we have noticed and we are doing that. It was his opinion and everyone has the right to give their opinion. We have just tried to improve our singing. “

Anjali Indian Idol has been one of the most esteemed in the 12th competition. While fans and referees expected him to reach the Top 5, he was eliminated. Speaking the same thing, he said: “My elimination was definitely huge and I didn’t expect to be expelled so soon. I was hoping to reach the Top 5, but I respect the decision and the votes I got from everyone. More than India. I want to thank everyone “People loved me so much and voted for me. I’m so grateful to be so much.”

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From Bollywood celebrities to big names in the music industry, many guests appeared on their reality show. Asked about her favorite moment of the show, Anjali was revealed. “The biggest compliment I received in the show was Mr. AR Rahman, when I wanted to listen to classical music I got videos of Anjali Gaikwad and her sister Nandini. It’s the biggest compliment of my life. I never imagined in my life that I would be fulfilled by living legends like Mr. AR Rahman. All my life I will keep this compliment. It was a kind of blessing for my sister and me. My whole family was very happy and excited to hear that and I think it is an achievement. “

Related to this, the show was judged by singer Neha Kakkar and music directors Vishal Dadlani and Himesh Reshammiya. Covid Lockdown Mumbai away in order and made movies, the trio can be seen missing in the show. While Neha and Himesh continue to make appearances, Vishal Dadlani has revealed that they will not be returning to Indian Idol 12.

Vishal Dadlani told ETimes that he lives with his parents and does not want to take any risks with his health. Vishal did not travel with the Indian Idol 12 group when they went to Daman to film the show. He said he would not return “It’s not until the blockade is almost over.”

Host Aditya Narayan backed his decision and said: “Vishal went to Lonavala last year and moved with his parents. He did not want to drive all the way from Lonavala to Daman and he wanted to return to potentially infect his parents with great care for his parents. . If you are in doubt you should go with your Instincts especially in these times. “


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