Irrfan Khan did not want to be from that world, reveals his son Babil in a nostalgic message

Irrfan Khan did not want to be from that world, reveals his son Babil in a nostalgic message

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Irrfan Khan’s son has brought out another memory of the late actor. In a nostalgic message, the actor’s desire is to give his fans and followers a brief introduction to his family. Calling his family “weird” and “weird,” Babil noted the characteristics of his younger brother Irrfan, mother Sutapa, and younger brother Ayaan. He also compares himself to a cheese on the couch and later says ‘Never take your empty chance’.

“Our family is a strange family. The worst was comparing it to the ‘image’ of perfect neighbors. You’re a strange family, and that’s one of the most beautiful things we humans have. It’s an undeniable fear of not having a clue. But it continues, denying that fear.” he writes before explaining why he says it’s “weird”.

He continues: “My family; father Thespis, a non-member of this world, fights with the same passion he loves as a perfectionist warrior writer / mother, a clever brother who can find models to relate to music in economics, and I, like children / family to watch animated films the baby. “

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“In Chaos where I find myself lost, in doubt, I feel like a cheese on the couch, I take a moment and look around, I pay attention to people, instead of searching for a second. You know? Our family, we couldn’t fill a glass without spilling, but sometimes protection we just need a little one, and it’s not a shame to ask people who love you the most to do that, acknowledge their love. Anyway, take that opportunity to say you love them again. Never take all the chances normally, ”he wrote at the end of the post.

In the face of the work, Babil is ready to make his debut in the production of Anushka Sharma’s “Qala”. He has put together his first shooting program. The film also stars actor Triptii Dimri “Bulbbul”.


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