Is BYD Yuan Pro a Chinese clone of Ford EcoSport?

Is BYD Yuan Pro a Chinese clone of Ford EcoSport?

Chinese car companies have often been accused of copying the design features of well-known global vehicle models, especially the best-selling products around the world. This has often caused a heated dispute between Chinese companies and global car giants. So it’s no surprise that the BYD Chinese Yuan Pro EV compact Ford EcoSport looks rip-off.

A brief side look is enough to tell you that it looks like the Yuan Pro EcoSport and that the rear wheel attached to the vehicle is also similar to the Ford model. Although BYD claims to have designed the Yuan Pro in the “Dragon Face 3.0” design language, except for minor cosmetic changes, the compact EV is a clone of the Ford EcoSport.


1496 cc | Gasolina | Manual

Ex-showroom price

11.57.771 ₹*From now on

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz (HT Auto photo)


1462 cc | Gasolina | Manual

Ex-showroom price

11.33.399*From now on

Maruti Suzuki Zen Style


1462 cc | Gasolina | Manual

Ex-showroom price

12.39.399*From now on

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The BYD Yuan Pro’s cabin is quite spacious and different from EcoSport. Another distinctive feature is the power train. While EcoSport has an internal combustion engine, the Yuan Pro is electric. The Yuan Pro electric motor can generate 136 hp and a peak torque of 210 Nm. Inside, the Yuan Pro has a multi-function steering wheel, a set of 8.0-inch digital instruments and a 10.1-inch Infotainment system with the latest connectivity features.

Another recent example of a Chinese clone is the extraction of a Volkswagen Beetle called the Ora Punk Car electric vehicle. Now, the Chinese company Great Wall Motors has recently unveiled Punk Cat EV at the Shanghai Motor Show. The car may have a four-door installation but the exterior body is almost exactly the same as the iconic Beetle design. In fact, Now has just patented the design of the car and Volkswagen is expected to take legal action soon.

While the specifications of all of these cars may differ from others, the similarities in design are also often seen as a violation of intellectual property rights.


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