Isn’t everything that glows gold?  Anand Mahindra’s Ferrari video Sparks debate

Isn’t everything that glows gold? Anand Mahindra’s Ferrari video Sparks debate

Anand Mahindra, president of the Mahindra Group, sparked controversy when he shared an old video of a Ferrari supercar wrapped in a bright golden color. The same video, with the caption “Indian American with pure Ferrari Ferrari car,” also appeared on social media platforms earlier (in 2018).

Anand Mahindra shared the video on Twitter with his notes, “I don’t know why it happens on social media unless it’s a lesson in learning how to spend money when you’re rich.”

The video shows a man in public showing an Italian luxury sports car while others gather around it, often due to its very expensive appearance, to click on photos and record videos.

In just over 24 hours, Anand Mahindra’s post has garnered more than 2 lake views and 7 thousand likes. Concerns that Mahindra’s publication says it is unnecessary to cover many cars with expensive metal coatings, many others disagree.

Among the riches it is not uncommon to use shiny metal as the body color of their vehicles. There are many examples around the world, places like Dubai, where it is also seen as a fashion statement. However, in most cases, it is not pure gold, but gold vinyl coating, which causes the vehicle to appear as if it were gold.

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One example is the Ferrari 458 Spider luxury sports car owned by Riyadh Al Azzawi, a former Kickboxing world champion in Iraq. Seven years ago, photos appeared on social media wrapped in Al Azzawi’s Ferrari in gold. However, the kickboxer later clarified that it was not pure gold, but that his car was just a look made of gold.


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