Italian Brembo will open a high-tech lab in the US

Italian Brembo will open a high-tech lab in the US

Italian Brembo said Monday it would open the first high-tech lab in Silicon Valley, California to accelerate the company’s digitalization, one of the key goals of the plan announced in September.

Brembo’s ‘Inspiration Lab’ company will aim to strengthen the company’s specialization in software development, data science and Artificial Intelligence, the premium brake maker said in a statement.

The center is expected to open in the last quarter of the year and aims to attract talent from different industries, “advocating a virtuous mix of different competencies for the benefit of developing Brembo’s new Braking solutions.”

“We are entering and investing in this world-renowned position for high technology and innovation with the clear and ambitious goal of tackling unprecedented challenges in the automotive sector,” said CEO Daniele Schillaci.

Brembo is known for the high quality Brakes that are widely used in the Automotive sector around the world.


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